On this page you can find our case studies which provide some detail of the work we have carried out.


Active Lives - Case study on the Active Lives project in Carnforth Integrated Care Community

Alfred Barrow - Case study on the Alfred Barrow development, in the Alfred Barrow Integrated Care Community

Carnforth - Case study on the Carnforth Self-Care project

Community involvement in Millom - Case study on the community involvement in Millom Integrated Care Community

Type 2 Diabetes group in Millom - Case study on the Type 2 Diabetes support group in Millom

Sick Play 1 - Case Study on the first tranche of the 'Sick Play'

Children's Services - Case study on the work being done on Children's Pathways

Community Eye Care - Case study on the Community Eyecare Service

Winter Plan - Case study on  joint winter communications planning

A & G - Case Study on Advice and Guidance service

Telehealth in Millom - Case study on the telehealth links being used in Millom

Kendal ICC - Case study on Kendal Integrated Care Community

Furness Wellness Days - Case study on Furness Wellness Days

Tour of the Sick Play - Case study on Tranche 2 of the 'Sick Play'

Children's Rapid Access Clinics - Case study on the Children's Rapid Access Clinics project

Respiratory - Case Study on the Respiratory pathway

Patient Initiated Follow Up`s - 2017 update


Integrated Care Community - 2017 update


Garstang - Case study explaining the Garstang Integrated Care Community



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