The vision of Morecambe Bay Respiratory Network - 21 November 2019

The vision for the Morecambe Bay Respiratory Network (MBRN) is simple – to dramatically improve care for patients with respiratory disease in Morecambe Bay with a seamless, integrated care pathway.

In 2019 the NHS published its Long Term Plan and respiratory care was identified as one of the NHS priorities. Respiratory disease causes a significant burden on patients and healthcare systems across the world and particularly in the UK.

Within Morecambe Bay NHS Rightcare data highlighted our high levels of non-elective and medication spending in the area of respiratory disease. The MBRN is a model of care which seeks to drive up the quality of care which our patients experience but also provide a better and more enjoyable way of working for all the staff out there at the coalface.

You can find out more about the vision and structure of MBRN here


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