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  • Bay ICC has a practice population of 70,097.

  • Life expectancy is 76.1 years for males and 80.1 years for females.

  • 55.4% of the population have a long standing health condition.

  • We have a lower proportion of 15-24 year olds compared to the England average.

  • 38% of practice patients are residents of areas classified as the 20% most deprived nationally.

  • Compared to the England average, Coastal ICC has a significantly higher recorded prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Cancer and Asthma..

  • A&E attendance rate for the practice population is significantly lower than the England average and emergency bed days for long term conditions are significantly higher than the England average.

Meadowside Medical Practice

York Bridge Surgery

Westgate Medical Practice

Strawberry Gardens

Medical Practice and Coastal Medical Group

Ann Gallagher
(Deputy Head of North Locality)

Kate Emery
(Community Matron)

Robyn Jackson
(District Nurse Team Leader)

Liz Dalke
(BFWH - Care Homes)

Annette McGee
(Adult Mental Health)

Linda Dickens
(Older Adults Mental Health)

Val Baxter
(BFWH Childrens Team Leader)

Amanda Tomlinson
(Clinical Nurse Manager Coastal Medical Group)

Alison Wilkinson
(Practice Manager Owen Road)