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  • We have a significantly older population than the national level.

  • Current life expectancy for males is 80.4 years and for women 84.4 years.

  • Approximately 60.3% of our community has a long term health condition, a figure significantly higher than the England average.

  • As a community, our A&E attendance rate is significantly lower than the England average.

  • Compared to the England average our locality has a significantly higher recorded prevalence of long term conditions including coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer and asthma.

Ash Tree Surgery

Jayne Tugman 
(Care Co-ordinator)

Ann Gallagher
(Deputy Head of North Locality)

Jane Colling
(Community Matron)

Jackie Corrie
(District Nurse Team Leader)

Melanie Forrest
(Older Adult Mental Health)

Linda Bowker
(Practice Manager)

Julia Smith (GP)
Links to East Cumbria ICC

Andy Knox
(GP lead for self-care, Ash Trees)