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Demographic Information GP Practices Key Health Partners
  • Our ICC has a total population of 29,544

  • 5,745 residents are aged 65-84 (19.4% v England ave of 14.6%) and 791 of residents are aged 85 or over

  • 1,734 residents present with higher than ave bad or very bad general health (5.8% v 5.5%)

  • 6,064 residents have higher than ave rates of limiting long-term illness or disability (20.5% v 17.6%)

  • Higher mortality rates for all causes but particularly stroke and circulatory disease

  • Significantly higher rates of children in year 6 with excess weight, 193 (38.8% v 33.5%)

  • Significantly more emergency admissions for all causes but particularly under 5s (179.6/1000); CHD, Stroke and MI Social factors:

  • Some 11.9% (3,537) of residents provide 1 hour or more unpaid care per week v. ave 10.2% and 2.7% (811) provide 50 hours+

  • 5% of households do not have central heating compared to 2.7% England ave and 364 households are overcrowded.

  • Some 1,900 (30.4%) of pensioners live alone (Source: PHE Local Health data 2012)

The Surgery, Askam 

Market Street Medical Practice, Dalton

Dr Johnston and Partners,
Ulverston Community Health Centre

Dr Murray and Partners, Ulverston Health Centre

Sharon Granville
(Community Manager)
(Base: CPFT, Dalton Lane)

Tracy Ellershaw
Transformational Lead, District Nursing and Quality and Safety Lead - CPFT

District Nursing
(Base: Community Nursing, Ulverston Health Centre and Dalton Health Centre)

Karen Roberts
(Case Manager) (base: Ulverston Health Centre)

Communtiy Staff Nurse:
Jackie Peters
(base: Ulverston Health Centre)

Care Navigators:
Bev Sawrey
Jo Sutter
(Base: Ulverston Health Centre)

Compass Worker:
Julie Blackburn
Base: Age UK office Kendal)

Kevin Bell
(Base: Mobile, Craven House and Ulverston Library)

Occupatational Therapist: Lydia Fowler

Susan Hornshaw (Base: Moor Lane Mills, Lancaster)

Rachel Lupton
(Base: Ulverston Health Centre)