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  • Garstang ICC has a practice population of 18,192.

  • Life expectancy is 79.6 years for males and 83.2 years for females.

  • 56.6% of the population have a long standing health condition. Significantly worse than the average.

  • The age profile for the area is slightly older than the national average and with significantly fewer in the 20 to 24 age group.

  • At 17.6 % the proportion of children living in poverty is significantly below the national average of 22%

  • Compared to the population of England, the area has a significantly higher recorded prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease, Hypertension, Stroke, Cancer and Asthma.

  • A&E attendance rate for the practice population is significantly lower than the England average and emergency bed days for long term conditions are significantly higher than the England average

Windsor Road Surgery

Landscape Surgery

Fiona Monks and Emma Hayes
(Care Co-ordinators)

Kim Crabtree
(Deputy Head of North Locality)

Helen Kerrigan Hawkes
(Community Matron)

Natalie Thompson
(District Nurse Team Leader)

Liz Dalke
(Care Homes Support Team)

Karen Sagar
(Older Adults Mental Health)

Lowri Dowthwaite
(Minds Matter)

George Dingle
(GP Landscape Surgery)

Caroline Deemer
(Practice Manager Landscape Surgery)

Catherine Thornton
(Practice Manager - Windsor Road Surgery)